Consulting and Strategy

Businesses are overtly becoming aware of the benefits of being on the cloud. The pain currently is still in strategizing, planning and realizing the adoption of cloud at an enterprise level. Though enterprises understand the long term cost benefit that moves fixed costs into operational cost, complexity remains the foremost reason in deferred decision to implement.

The fact remains that cloud offers much more than just cost savings. It brings longer term business benefits by improving processes and operational efficiency while providing significant cost benefits alongside. Minfy can work with the stakeholders in drawing a roadmap and creating a definite strategy for cloud adoption and a seamless transition.

Our Approach:

  • Assessment of existing solution and infrastructure

  • Understand concern areas and challenges for transformation

  • Understand security needs

  • Definition of Cloud Adoption Strategy

  • Identify the appropriate AWS solution

  • Implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

  • Execute the strategies