Dragonfly Firefly

Two-Factor Authentication

Increasingly, businesses are being targeted by organised crime syndicates motivated by illicit financial gain. Security systems are being compromised through sophisticated, yet readily available techniques such as - Social engineering - Phishing - Trojan horse - Malware. In light of these current and emerging threats, Dragonfly Technologies Firefly family of Two-Factor Authentication solutions provide secure access to your corporate VPN and Web based applications. The Firefly Authentication Server together with Dragonfly’s Secure Gateway can be configured to deliver one-time passwords to devices such as smart phones, PDA’s, mobile phones and pagers.

Firefly Mobile

With FireflyMobile, a dynamic one-time password is sent to a mobile phone using Short Message Service (SMS). FireflyMobile is ideal for VPN, Web and Transactional authentication.

Firefly Voice

With FireflyVoice, an outbound call is placed to a pre-nominated mobile phone or landline. The end-user is challenged for a PIN or pass phrase which is keyed in using the phone's keypad. Once the end-user's PIN or pass phrase has been authenticated, FireflyVoice issues a one-time password. FireflyVoice is ideal for authorising high-value transactions or in areas of poor mobile coverage.