Microsoft .NET framework represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines and managed code innovations that have become popular in e-business application development over the last few years.

.NET greatly improves the interoperability of systems and eases communication across organizations and platforms. By employing Microsoft .NET architecture, companies can better leverage the software assets they have and also add new software services and make them productive. With its simplified deployment model, .NET helps companies to streamline their applications, reducing complexity and the related costs of developing and maintaining software.

The .NET framework is more than just a software solution, and implementing it involves adding a new technology layer to your current environment. A .NET solution requires a planned deployment of web services that fits seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and application environment. This, in turn helps to effectively enhance the customer experience, improve knowledge management and increase the efficiency of the value chain by making information easily accessible to customers, partners and suppliers. Our .NET solution can help you to incorporate just the elements needed to address a specific business need.

Our offerings on .NET technologies include:

  • Product development and testing on a range of enterprise class products

  • Product engineering of packaged application using .NET platform

  • Migration of products/solutions to the .NET platform

  • Development of adapters, connectors using extensibility kit

  • Performance engineering service

Security Testing

Interoperability solutions

MIL has invested in training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. MIL's Microsoft Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve specific business problems.

Experienced and certified professionals staff the Microsoft Competency Center with applications development experience in selected Microsoft development environments. Currently the center focuses on developing and enhancing custom application built using C#, VC++ or VB/ASP on the .NET environment.

Our Value Proposition

We stand as an obvious choice for software vendors who wish to harness the power of Outsourcing. Our offshore teams perform as an extension of our clients' development teams, working in tandem and total sync, leveraging the 24/7 development cycle.

We help you build competitive products by providing rapid implementation, scalability, and flexibility for a faster Return-On-Investments while mitigating risk. We have the capabilities, stability, and commitment to help you be more agile with best-in-class products.

By choosing MIL as your offshore partner for .net software development, you have the liberty to define the relationship model that best serves your unique business requirements. We have a proven development methodology in place, which is carefully crafted to give our clients the advantages of offshore, cost savings, world class quality and speed-to-market.

With a dedicated team of .net professionals, MIL is ideally placed to help software product companies gain the .net advantage.

At MIL, we have considerable experience offering outsourced product development services to clients from various domain areas like Financial Services, Insurance, Corporate Compliance, Content Management, E-Procurement and Workflow Solutions.