Cloud Migration is not about moving the existing infrastructure to the cloud. Its not about maintaining the application components in the same way as they exists. Its also not just the same as moving your data center. Migration to cloud requires a 360 degree change in the thought process. One has to think of the long term benefits of minimized capital expense, performance and upgrades, business growth and all allied cloud services such as Security, Disastor Recovery, Back Up and Global Availability

Minfy can help in assessment of the solutions you want to migrate, break them down into smaller isolated components that will work more effectively on the cloud than the physical solution in your data center.

Our Approach:

  • Detailed assessment of existing solutions and infrastructure

  • Break the solution into isolated components

  • Outline the optimum deployment strategy for each individual component

  • Outline security needs

  • Integrate Components and services back into a complete solution

  • Provision on the cloud and build auto scaling and failover

  • Establish Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

  • Perform acceptance testing