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Engagement Model


MIL offers flexibility in delivery options in offering high-quality testing services using an offshore, onsite or a combination of offshore and onsite models.

Our customers have found increasing economies of scale when engaging us over the life of a project. Our engagement models are tailored to reflect the maturity and complexity of the specifications, technology, process and other factors that drive successful delivery.

Customers can choose an engagement model based on time and cost considerations. Our offshore presence enables us to deliver significant cost benefits to customers in terms of resources as well as infrastructure. Quick ramp up and ramp down of resources based on your testing schedules mitigates the risk of over staffing. Furthermore, the time zone difference helps customers in the west achieve near round the clock productivity.


As an offshore quality partner, MIL will ensure faster time to market and cost effective development of your software solutions, which will result in up-front savings and a lower total cost of ownership. MIL also offers a well-honed offshore testing model that focuses on helping customers achieve 24/7 productivity and savings of anywhere between 30-50%. Our offshore model has an active onsite component (by virtue of a global presence) responsible for studying requirements and defining testing requirements.

To fully leverage the advantage of an offshore platform, we believe we should be an integral part of your software development and testing efforts. Our offshore testing strategy includes our taking complete ownership of your testing engagements and bringing in not just technical experts but managerial talent as well.

MIL has delivery centers located in multiple time zones in the USA, India and Singapore. All our centers are interlinked with high-speed networks and state-of-the-art hardware and operating environments. An international private leased circuit line enables our offshore testing team to interact with customers on a US PSTN 650 area code number. Adequate levels of system redundancy, security and scalability are available at our centers to ensure the success of any project.

your benefits

  • Lower Establishment Costs

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Risk Reduction

  • Process Expertise


The duration and nature of some engagements often requires work to be done completely onsite at the client's premises. MIL provides an onsite Delivery Model that is perfect for executing a testing assignment for customers who are looking to begin a phased approach to offshoring.

Our consultants with relevant skill sets will test the application at the client's site under the guidance of the client Project Manager. At the same time, they will also report to our offices in India on a weekly basis. Our onsite project teams work either as an integrated project team or as a self-managed team.

your benefits:

  • Ready availability of skilled resources

  • Easy management of sudden increase in testing requirements

  • Adequate direct control over project

Onsite - Offshore

The Onsite - Offshore Delivery Model is our most widely-used model, as it judiciously mixes offshore and onsite components for various phases of the testing project in order to deliver offshore cost savings to the clients without compromising the quality of the project's deliverables.

Typically, the project planning and requirement gathering are executed onsite at the client's location. The subsequent phases of the project, such as knowledge transfer, test design and test execution, are then carried out offshore at MIL's test labs in India.