Custom Development

Would you like to build a business on the web or leverage the cloud to build a new solution? Building an application on the cloud involves a 360 degree shift in approach. Think of your application holding a small footprint that expands automatically as the demand increases. Think of an application that hibernates when not in use and saves tons of money on infrastructure costs during idle time. Think of an application that wakes up from sleep when accessed. Think of a day when you have lot of customers flooding to your web store which automatically scales to handle those extra million hits on week end, but shrinks back into a smaller size on week days when the traffic is less. Think of your application becoming an overnight success and is able to scale itself from running on 1 or 2 instances to a 1000 instances overnight. Minfy can help you with designing applications engineered to make the best of the cloud that can do all this and more.

Our Approach:

  • Understand the business objectives

  • Analyse Requirements and develop use cases

  • Zero on the software platform to be used for development

  • Design and Architect an auto scaling web application that leverages all the benefits that cloud has to offer

  • Create a development plan and work with the project managers to initiate the development lifecycle

  • Perform acceptance testing, bug fixes and go live

  • Project closure and maintenance period invocation as per the contract.